Start Point Car Park at the junction of Low Moor Lane and Back Lane, south of Upper Midhope. Click here to see a map of the walk
Grid Reference SK 21410 99528  
Length 6.5 miles  
Grade Steady climb, initially up paths and tracks. The path on the top is across the open moorland an can be boggy. The return down cut gate is a broad path.  

Brief Description

Pike Lowe is a rounded peak above Langsett. The walk climbs from the reservoir up past grouse butts up onto the moorland. From the peak there are view for miles in all directions. From Pike Lowe the path follows the high ground across the open moor to the Cut Gate path. The route returns down the Mickelden Beck valley before cutting off across Midhope Moor to the ruins of North America, and then back around the reservoir to the car park.


Path up from the track

From the car park head down the concrete lane to the metal gate onto Yorkshire Water property. Follow the track down toward the reservoir until you reach the next metal gate, by the reservoir.

Just before the gate is reached take the path off up to the left. (1) This path runs along by the fence and the wall. Follow the path as it meanders up to the marker post by the gravel tracks.


Take the right hand track

Turn right an take the right hand track off the three before you (2)

Follow the track along, crossing the stream and uphill to the gamekeepers’ hut.



Go down to the bridge

Go round the hut and take the path. After about 50 yards take the path that drops down to the left and crosses the narrow bridge.

Having crossed the bridge the path gently loops around to the right. The path becomes a little difficult to fin as you progress up the hill. It initially goes up by the grouse butts, but eventually disappears completely.


Pike Lowe

I have found the easiest approach is to keep going up hill, with Pike Lowe on your left. do not make the cut towards the peak until you are about level with the peak. From here find a route up to the cairn at the top of Pike Lowe. (4)

If you cut off earlier for the Peak you are likely to encounter some boggy ground and hidden water features!

when you have finished admiring the views you need to head south off Pike Lowe. Head down off the summit with Langsett Reservoir behind you. There is no path to follow at the stage.


Boundary stone

After about 300 -400 yards you will meet a narrow path running east west along the moor. The path follow the property boundary and is marked by wooden posts at regular intervals.

Turn right and head west along the path marked by the posts. You may need to make slight detours to avoid boggy bits. Watch out for the stone marker post which is about 3/4 mile along the path.

When you reach the Stone marker (5) the path turn 45 degrees to the left and head south west, following another set of marker post. 



Cut Gate path

After about 1/3 of a mile the path drops into the Cut Gate path. Cut gate is a well used path and is wide and well worn.(6)


Turn right and start the return journey towards Langsett.


Take the route to the right

Follow the Cut Gate path down the valley for 1 mile until you reach the metal sign post where the path splits. (7) Take the right hand fork away from the valley and across the moor.

Take the path across the moor. The path eventually drops down to the gravel track by the gate to the ruins of North America Farm.

Turn right and take the gravel track down round the reservoir.

Follow the track across the bridge over the stream. Pass through the metal gate and follow the track back through the other metal gate and back to the car park


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Ordnance Survey Explorer map OL1 cover the Stocksbridge area along with the Dark Peak area of the Peak District National Park and should be used in conjunction with these instructions.