Start Point St Peter's Church, Hope Click here to see a map of the walk
Grid Reference SK17290 83453  
Length 4.2 miles Click here to see a photo gallery from this walk.
Grade A steady climb over uneven ground. The paths are mostly well defined and clearly marked.  

Brief Description

A steady climb, with short steeper sections, from Hope Village to the popular Win Hill. View across the Dark Peak, Lose Hill, Mam Tor and the Hope valley await those who make the effort. The return route passes through the hamlet of Aston.



From St Peter's Church go north up Edale Road. After 1/4 mile take the right fork in the road, across the stone bridge.

Follow the road along, past the old footpath sign.


Under the bridge

Go under the railway bridge, and turn right, following the footpath sign.

After a short distance swing left and follow the lane up the hill towards the farm buildings.


Through the farm

Go under the railway bridge, and turn right, following the footpath sign.

After a short distance swing left and follow the lane up the hill towards the farm buildings.


Approach to Win Hill

The path continues in the same direction up to the crest of the hill where it meets the path that runs along the crest of the hill.

Join the main path. Turn right and continue up to the top of Win Hill.

From Win Hill you have a 360 degree panorama of the boundary of the White Peak and the Dark Peak areas.


The path down from Win Hill

Leave the summit in a westerly direction. Follow the clear path down to the tree line.

Turn right

Continue down through the trees for about 200 m until you reach a path crossing the your path. Turn right and follow the path along at the same level.

Path to Aston

After 1/4 mile take the right fork at the wooden footpath sign. Take the path to Aston.

Enjoy the views over Thornhill and Bamforth as you cross the hillside.

The path descends down a track to a stile over the stone wall.



The path can be a little difficult to find at this point, particularly if there is livestock in the field.

The path crosses the wall at the bottom right corner of the field and then follows the stone wall down through some trees onto Thornhill Lane.

When i did this walk the bottom corner of the field was occupied by cows and their calves. an alternative route is straight down the fields exiting onto Thornhill lane through the gate midway along the field boundary. Turn right along Thornhill Lane to meet up with the proper route.


Parsons Lane

At the junction with Parsons Lane either take the footpath down the side of the field or go down the Lane.

Follow the Lane through the dog leg and past some farm buildings.


footpath turn

Take the footpath to the right opposite the farm track, just after the farm building. The path heads east towards Mam Tor.

Under the bridge

Continue along the path, across the fields until you reach the road.

Turn left and go under the railway bridge. Follow the road to the main road.

Turn Right and follow the main road back into Hope and to St Peter's Church.


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Ordnance Survey Explorer map OL1 cover the Stocksbridge area along with the Dark Peak area of the Peak District National Park and should be used in conjunction with these instructions.