Start Point Trans-pennine trail car park, Finkle Street Lane, opposite Plank Gate. Near Wortley. Click here to see a map of the walk
Grid Reference SK 29915 99427  
Length 4.25 miles Click here to see a photo gallery from this walk.
Grade Well marked foot paths and trails. A steady climb of 300 ft in one mile. Rough and muddy ground in places.  

Brief Description

A circular walk from the car park near Wortley Station on the Trans-Pennine Trail. The route crosses the Don before climbing by the steep sides of the Don to Green Moor. Bluebells are in abundance in spring. From Green Moor the route drops down along farm tracks and through fields before crossing the Don. The route then joins the Trans-Pennine Trail just before the tunnel. The route follows the Trans- Pennine Trail as it swings back round past Thurgoland to Wortley Station.

As was often the case in railway construction Wortley station is some distance from the Village of Wortley. They decided to build the station next to the railway rather than in the village!



Exit from the car park

Leave the car park an turn left toward the trail. Go left on the trail for 100m and then take the path off to the right and down to the road junction.

entrance to the field

Cross the road and take the footpath down into the field.

Cross the field keeping close to the fence on your left hand side.

Cross the stile and go through the gate, down to the river.

Either use the bridge or the stepping stones to cross the Don.

Track up from the Don

Head into the woods. Take the track that rises up to the right.This track is called Holly Hall Lane.

Continue up the track, admiring the views down to the River Don below.

Pass through the gate and into the field, keeping the woods to your right. This is a good location for seeing carpets of bluebells in spring.

When Holly Hall Lane reaches a gate and the woods kink to the right, go through the gate an then go up keeping the fence to your left. In the corner of the field there is a stile onto the lane. turn right and follow the lane out to the main road, Well Hill Road.

Turn off in Green Moor

Turn left onto well Hill Road. Proceed up the hill until you reach the first houses in the village. Take the signed footpath to the right. The path goes down by the side of a bungalow.

Drop down through the wooded area.

When you emerge into an open area, head straight across, crossing another footpath.

Head for the farm track that has a hairpin turn in it.

Farm track down towards the River Don

Take the right hand section of the farm track down towards the farm. Pass the farm and take the track down to the left of the buildings

Go through the gate and into the field.

Cross the field and then swing down to the right, towards the river.

Cross the river by the bridge.

Go straight up across the field and climb the stone stile onto Old Mill Lane.

Take the footpath by the Old Mill

Turn left onto Old Mill Lane and head towards the Old Mill.

As you reach the entrance to the Old MIll take the signed footpath the runs up by the river.

Continue through gates, following the path by the river, all the way to the viaduct.

Pass under the viaduct and cross the field.

At the stone wall, cross the stile and then turn right. Take the path up to the Trans-pennine Trail.

Cross the stile onto the trail.

Turn left and take the trail through the tunnel.

Follow the trail all the way back to Wortley Station and the car park.